FX Leaders Signals Report

As we end the first half of 2018, let’s look back at our trading over these six months. FX Leaders closed the first half of 2018 nicely. Last year was profitable for us as well, but we had some difficulties at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 as the USD reached new lows.
To counter this, we adjusted our trading strategies for the next few months while the Dollar was still declining, which ended up being quite profitable. In April, the sentiment started to improve in the financial markets and the big decline in stocks, indices, and the USD finally came to an end, followed by a deep reversal. The FX Leaders team of professional traders saw this coming and made the most of it. We extended our profits and at the end of H1 ended up with a whopping 2,617 pip profit. We continued the good run in July as well. Although forex was a bit tough to trade after all the trade war rhetoric and the quick turnarounds. But we ended up with a total profit of 839 pips during that month and 1,103 pips in August. In September, we kept the same pace of growth, making 1,253 pips bringing the total profit up to 5,822 pips

The FED hiked interest rates three times this year and there were more central bank events, as well as economic events, like the economic slowdown during the first and second quarters of 2018. However, the biggest political events took all the attention. Brexit is an old issue for the financial markets, but it never ceases to surprise. July brought  new events into the Brexit process and it seems now that now we will end up with a no-deal Brexit.

The political and civil nervousness grew in Europe, but most of the important financial market events were related to US President Donald Trump. It seems that he is trying to start a trade war with trade tariffs on China ($250 bilion), the EU, Canada, and Mexico. Trump also canceled the nuclear deal with Iran, but stuck a new one with North Korea, which makes it even, doesn’t it? The markets were shaken in the beginning but they are getting used to it causing a decrease in volatility. Although, in September another problem arised in Europe, which is the Italian Budget deficit which the EU is bound to reject. Let’s focus in on the separate markets.

Forex Signals

As mentioned above, the end of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018 were tough. The USD kept declining when all the fundamentals were pointing up and the FED kept hiking interest rates aggressively. We managed to make some good profits in February and March, but the volatility of the first two months hit us badly. We closed Q1 with a loss of 88 pips.
In the second quarter, the market became a bit more predictable as the US Dollar started turning around. We closed two long-term signals on the AUD/USD and EUR/USD with a combined profit of 276 pips. We opened another long-term signal on the GBP/USD in May during the major bearish reversal on this pair and closed it at a 105 pip profit.
Overall, Q2 was quite profitable. We made nearly 500 pips in April and more than 800 pips in Q2 in total. As a result, the first half of 2018 brought us a total of 733 pip profit. We increased the profit from forex signals in July and closed the months with 103 pips, mainly from the GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY signals. In August, the profit from forex signals was 228 pips. In September, the profit from forex signals increased to 627 pips, more than half of which came from GB/JPY signals.

Index Signals

The indices market was difficult to trade during the first half of 2018. The indices tanked due to fear that the Chinese markets were going through another crisis (that eventually did not happen). Though the damage caused by the fear was done, our indices trader, Arslan Butt, did a good job.

On indices alone, he made 317 pips in January, 587 pips in February, and 291 pips in March, closing Q1 with a 1,196 pip profit. The second quarter started off slow with only a single pip profit in April, but May and June gave us 256 and 198 pip profit respectively. The S&P and Nikkei gave us a tough time in Q2. In total, we ended up making 1,650 pips on the indices. July was another good month regarding index signals, particularly the CAC and Nikkei signals. We made 586 pips from indexes that month and 790 pips in August. In September, we had some diffculties by the end of the month as stock markets went through a little crash, but we managed to end the month with a 297 pip profit,  so we are 3,313 pips up so far.

Commodity Signals

We made quite a nice profit from the forex, indices and the cryptocurrency markets, but the commodity market took some of the profits. The uptrend in Crude Oil and Gold came to an end in January as market sentiment turned negative during the big decline in the stock/indices market.
In February and May, we got a hold of things and made nice profits. But, the volatility picked up again and the next three months were difficult to trade. Gold declined for three consecutive months. The market sentiment had deteriorated during this time amid trade tariffs and trade war fears. Safe haven assets, such as Gold, should surge during such times, but instead, Gold continued falling. As a result, we ended the first half of 2018 with a 360 pip loss in commodities. Although, we made 85 pips from Oil and Gold signals in August and 329 pips in September.

Cryptocurrency Signals

As you know, cryptocurrencies made a major turnaround in late December last year and they have formed a major bearish trend this year. There was a lot of volatility in the first few months, but the market finally calmed down. Although, it remains in a bearish trend.

We opened three cryptocurrency signals in H1 and took take a hit. Initially, we lost 411 pips in Litecoin but decided to fight back and made a nice profit. We opened another buy signal in Litecoin and one in Ethereum. We made 292 pips from the second Litecoin signal and 713 pips in Ethereum. So, we ended the H1 with a 594 pip profit from the crypto market. Although all the signals were opened in Q1, it’s been some time since we traded in the cryptocurrency market. We will try to pick a few trades in the crypto market in Q3.

Since the beginning of 2018, we are up 3,617 pips.

FX Leader Signal P/L by month

Month # Signals Summary of P/L
January 97 -49
February 91 1,385
March 86 348
April 63 366
May 104 367
June 90 200
July 108 839
August 95 1,103
September 101 1,253
Total 835 3,720

Forex Signals P/L

Forex Pair # Signals P/L Summary
AUD/USD 35 461
EUR/CHF 38 219
EUR/GBP 22 -10
EUR/JPY 39 13
EUR/USD 36 -91
GBP/JPY 38 -120
GBP/USD 31 445
NZD/USD 40 -91
USD/CAD 18 217
USD/JPY 38 -310
Total 335 961

Index Signals P/L

Index # Signals P/L Summary
CAC 17 129
DAX 39 1,803
NIKKEI 225 12 -234
S&P 500 12 -48
Total 80 2,440

Commodity Signals P/L

Commodities # Signals P/L Summary
Gold 80 -167
US Oil 33 -193
Total 113 -275

Cryptocurrency Signals P/L

Cryptocurrency # Signals P/L Summary
Ethereum 1 713
Litecoin 2 -119
Total 3 594

Long-Term/Short-Term Breakdown

# Signals P/L Summary
Long Term 12 745
Short Term 519 1,872
Total 531 3,720

Win/Loss Breakdown

# Signals P/L Summary
Win 338 11,144
Loss 193 -8,527
Total 531 3,720

Buy/Sell Breakdown

# Signals P/L Summary
Buy 245 922
Sell 286 1,695
Total 531 3,720